Friday, October 1, 2010


We've had such a fast paced week around here, from the oldest to the youngest...late nights and early mornings for all of us. Combine that with the unseasonably warm, dry weather and a prolonged fall allergy season and I awake too early (again) feeling fairly ragged. After a morning of  "catch up" errands, the hammock and warm weather beckon.  The house and neighborhood are quiet. Who knows when the hammock opportunity will come around again? It could be months...It's been too long and too busy, and I've been reading Thoreau with my American Lit. students. So I give in (despite all the grading and the lesson planning and the research writing that needs to be done...not to mention the cleaning and laundry!). Note to self--Friday is the perfect hammock day.

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Anne said...

Good for you!! Enjoy!