Friday, October 8, 2010

the margarita and gezelligheid

 One of my daughters and I spent a beautiful evening recently at The Margarita at Pine Creek thanks to the generosity of a good friend.  She was playing harpsichord with a classical guitarist that evening, so we sat as her guests at the musician's table. The food was outstanding, the atmosphere magical, the music lovely. I especially enjoyed the conversation with my friend, my daughter, and new friends, the guitarist and his wife. The talk ranged from Ravel to the anthropic principle, from Liszt to free will and determinism (the guitarist happens to be a physicist and "armchair" philosopher). It was one of those unexpected perfect evenings, when everything fits....warm companionship, the intimate atmosphere, the music, the food and wine, the weather (a crisp, fall evening). Beauty and community...a definite sense of gezelligheid. My daughter captured the evening well--hope to link her pictures when she posts.


Anne said...

Sounds wonderful!!

Cathryn said...

Thanks, Anne :-). I'm loving having Lydia home for a little while.

Linda said...

I learned a new word from oy today! It sounds like it is much like Gemütlichkeit, but not quite. :)