Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Office Wedding (Finally)

Pam and Jim's wedding. The episode was worth the wait. Maybe because we are in the midst of planning a wedding, I can relate to the fun and the tension in expectation. Typically provocative, leave it to this fictional "reality show" both to spoof and celebrate our obsession with a fictional couple and with social media. To celebrate humanity in community with all its messiness. I like how Richard Beck views this episode. He writes, "The most important point, for me, about The Office wedding is how Jim and Pam figure out a way to give it away to their friends." You can read the rest of his post here. No matter how my daughter's wedding actually turns out (and we have a "MeeMaw" in our family too!--doesn't everybody?), I hope they have a day of laughter and celebrating their chosen life together, with us their (quirky) family and friends.