Saturday, October 16, 2010

moments of grace

This "betwixt and between" season has always been a favorite of our family. Like Turner's "liminal moment," fall is the boundary season. It both reminds and anticipates. This last week some of us enjoyed a break from the busyness. Time with family, time with friends, time in nature. It was lovely...

The birthday girl below about 13 years ago (at The Happy Apple Farm)
The youngest turns 14!
celebrating in Denver
dad and oldest daughter--in her typical pose :-)
she's the girl amid the trees below

beautiful tea with good friends (pumpkin bars, scones, yummy grilled chicken salad, English tea)

our backyard this morning
perfect day for Farm and Art Market at The Margarita
and colorful purchases

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Anne said...

I cannot believe she is 14!! What a doll! This made me think of the time we spent at that friend's cabin in Pecos Wilderness when the kids were little. That seems a lifetime ago. I'm so glad to get to peak into the world of your precious family through this "cyber-window"!