Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my birthday

I wouldn't usually put a post up about my birthday, but it was just so lovely. Almost the perfect day (perfect would have been all of my children home!).  It began with a hammock finally hung (the one I found when I cleaned the garage)!

And then potting flowers on the front porch...a favorite reading space.

The girls and I went to see Babies, a beautiful movie that Laura had recommended (we missed you Laura!).

 After, I got to choose a bike for my present (still deciding on exactly what I want)...then a delicious dinner at a favorite downtown restaurant and home for rich cheesecake.

Add to that calls from my faraway children who again won the lottery to see Wicked in NYC (her 4th time to win Broadway tickets by lottery!) my honor she said (she did win for us last August), a husband who took the day off and helped with flowers and gifts and dinner...and discovering the hammock works great for 2....(I'm listening right now to the girls laughing in it under the stars) and it was altogether a most beautiful day. I love June!

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