Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Space

I've long been a fan of the transition times...the hint of change (of weather, of clothes, of pace) that's almost but not quite yet. Typical of Colorado in the spring, this spring break began with a Friday snow day!, then several long warm days in a row. This spring break I have decided to take the "break" part literally, which for this teacher and graduate student means a break from planning lessons and grading and research...all rather heady work. It's been physically cathartic to clean out closets and our garage piled high with stuff for goodwill (long overdue). And fun to find long forgotten treasures that point to summer, like our camping stove and the hammock still in great condition that I might just finally hang. And it's been lovely to linger on my front porch with a cup of green and ginger tea and watch my 13 year old ride her bike to the old fashioned ice-cream, candy and soda shop or chat with my 16 year old who savors porch time too. And if my mind drifts to that half-asleep place in the warm late day sun, so be it...I have no urgent deadlines...

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