Sunday, January 30, 2011

something about a tea party

When the girls were little, they loved having tea parties. They had valentine teas, teddy bear teas, summer garden teas. They could (and did) attach almost any theme to tea, whip out the tiny tea cups, and Voila! a tea party. 

The girls are all grown (or almost), but they (we) still love a pretty tea table. Now it's a time and space to slow down, to talk, to laugh, to knit, to savor warm cranberry bread and chai latte (or a cafe au lait for me). -- Just what we needed this Sunday afternoon after a somewhat busy, stressful few weeks. 

 The tea set and tablecloth are from Austria, where I spent the early years of my life.

 This afternoon tea was her idea...

In Austria, with my sister, where we also spent many happy hours having tea parties.