Sunday, August 8, 2010

st. maries, idaho

In the midst of a much needed bathroom remodel, I flew to Idaho to see my best friend from childhood. She and I spent so much time together in those formative years of elementary and jr. high that when we saw each other again, we recognized the actual bone structure of each other. Wrists and hands, shoulder width, even feet -- all so very familiar.

We watched her daughter barrel race at the jr. rodeo.

We ate our breakfast al fresco, which included just picked wild huckleberries

 Their gorgeous view of Lake Coer d'Alene and the St. Joe's River.

Her garden where we picked vegies and berries.

Swimming the river (well, she a former competitive swimmer and runner she still swims across the river and back several times a week!)

biking the lovely trail on the lake...just as if we were still 10! 

The day after I returned to Colorado, our oldest moved back from NYC with all her worldlies (or at least the portion she took with her). 
It is good to have her home before her next adventure. That quiet room is occupied again!

(she gets the remodeled bathroom)...

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Anne said...

How wonderful!! What a blessing to get to build more beautiful memories with a treasured friend. So glad for you!!