Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hope II

More from Allure of Hope:

Hope is saturated in desperation, not...proficiency.

Compassion is called out of us when we see situations where there is an obvious absence of something or someone life-giving. It calls us to ache, mostly because we are forced to long for the restoration of whatever or whoever is absent.

God seems to be more concerned with our trust that we're being led somewhere, that He is taking us somewhere because of His love for us, than He is concerned with a flawless record along the way.

Our desire in the long wait reminds us of who we're waiting fo. He is taking us somewhere, and along the way He is creating beauty. Our responsive, sensual, compassionate, forgiving, persevering hearts have the privilege of introducing others to the Glorious Intruder....this one who seeks us out amid our hovering and clamoring false pursuits.

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