Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It's been a dizzy start to this year. Teaching already on January 2, at the same time helping one daughter plan her first drive across country and another daughter her first life across the globe (from all of us). The first leaves in 2 days, the second in 5. So classroom time for my World Literature students was journaling about the break and laughing at The Office calendar on character traits...Michael for character, Kelly for communication, Dwight for determination...hysterical! And reading aloud The Abolition of Man with CS Lewis students. I'm always amazed at his insightful digressions, like the "trousered ape" and "castrated geldings" that are commanded to procreate. His rabbit trails are usually the point or at least vividly illustrate his point. Now there's an interesting pairing..The Office and The Abolition of Man...

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