Monday, August 6, 2007


For all you chocolate lovers, from D.W. Congdon:
"I consider myself a connoisseur of many things: microbrews, pipe tobacco, foreign films, indie music. But recently I have been gravitating toward artisan chocolate. Not the stuff you buy at the supermarket. Not the bland, mass-produced Hershey’s bars (though I still love my Reese’s Pieces). Not sugar-injected chocolate that has lost any trace of the original cacao beans. No, artisan chocolates are to Hershey what microbrews are to Budweiser. They are crafted by small chocolate makers with unique flavors and ingredients."
Read the rest of his theology of chocolate here.

And more from Ben Myers: "To enter a little French or Swiss chocolaterie – the sight! the smells! mon Dieu, the taste! – is one of life’s most sublime experiences. The development of existentialist philosophy in France and of neo-orthodox theology in Switzerland can, in my view, be traced directly to the quality of the chocolates of those regions. (On the other hand, the dour humourlessness of the Religious Right in America can perhaps best be explained by unwrapping a Hershey bar.)"
Here are the rest of his musings.

And more: a Willy Wonka Version (WWV) of Galatians 5.13-26 or "chocology".

Personally I prefer dark chocolate. Is that because as a depraved being that's all I will choose? Or is the white chocolate masquerading as the good (wolf in sheep's clothing and all that) and only the regenerated can tell the difference? Maybe it's context that determines meaning. So it's all in the reading of the text, or the eating of the text.


D.W. Congdon said...

I definitely prefer dark chocolate over all other kinds. I can't eat white chocolate, but I can enjoy the occasional milk chocolate bar.

::aaron g:: said...

thanks for the link